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[patch] Add support for ring indication when calling member


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      A lot of ACD systems out there play MOH until a member/agent is ready for a new call, and then plays normal ring indication until you get an answer.

      This is a nice thing to have, since the caller might have been in the queue for quite a while, and put his phone down. As he hears the ring indication, he have time enough to pick up the phone before the agent answers.

      This introduces a new parameter 'R' to the Queue application.

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      (I added the "ringing" option to the queue_entity struct. Which I felt was more logical. This however means that a lot of function calls in app_queue don't really need the "ringing" function parameter anymore, as most of the functions also have a reference to the current queue entity.

      But as the bug guidelines say, I should minimize impact on the code, so I let the old functions be, as it has no functional difference.) – per reporter, this is no longer an issue as the patch has been updated. <lmadsen>

      1. app_queue.c.patch
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        Håkon Nessjøen
      2. new_app_queue.c.patch
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        Håkon Nessjøen

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