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      I was playing with the RT queue log functionality, and found this limitations:

      1. If you choose RT queue logging, you won't have the traditional plain text file file log. This file is very useful for backup purposes.
      2. The column 'data' stores all the parameters separated by '|', which is not the best way to store it.

      I managed to program a patch which overcomes this limitations, and works this way:

      1. If you enable RT queue logging, the queue log will still be logged in the plain text file, so you have some backup in case of some database disaster.
      2. The parameters are now "exploded", and put in separate fields for each one. The only thing here is that this code must be changed in case that some queue log event delivers more than 4 parameters (the only event that gives 4 parameters is TRANSFER).
      3. The calldate is now stored just like the CDR, with a full datetime.
      4. The plain text file is left as is, for compatibility purposes.
      5. The fieldnames on the table changed a little.

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      Given this changes, the proposed queue_log realtime table is this one (for PostgreSQL):

      CREATE TABLE "queue_log" (
      "id" SERIAL,
      "cdr_uniqueid" VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      "queuename" VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      "agent" VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      "event" VARCHAR(32) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      "data1" VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      "data2" VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      "data3" VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      "data4" VARCHAR(100) DEFAULT ''::character varying NOT NULL,
      CONSTRAINT "queue_log_pkey" PRIMARY KEY("id")

      I tested this patch on asterisk and works like a charm!
      You will find patches for asterisk and latest trunk (SVN r253918)

      Just like issue 11625, I hope the community would love this patch!

      1. 20100623__issue17082.diff.txt
        5 kB
        Tilghman Lesher
      2. 20100625__issue17082.diff.txt
        16 kB
        Tilghman Lesher
      3. 20100628__issue17082.diff.txt
        17 kB
        Tilghman Lesher
      4. 20100720__issue17082.diff.txt
        14 kB
        Tilghman Lesher
      5. patch_issue_17082_ast1.8.0-branch.diff
        2 kB
        Miguel Molina
      6. patch_realtime_queue_log_ast_1.6.0.26.diff
        3 kB
        Miguel Molina
      7. patch_realtime_queue_log_ast_trunk_ok_5data_rev1.diff
        3 kB
        Miguel Molina
      8. patch_realtime_queue_log_ast_trunk_ok_5data.diff
        3 kB
        Miguel Molina
      9. patch_realtime_queue_log_ast_trunk_ok.diff
        3 kB
        Miguel Molina
      10. patch_realtime_queue_log_ast_trunk.diff
        3 kB
        Miguel Molina

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