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Don't validate Contact URI hostpart when nat=yes


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      Asterisk 1.8 validates the host in the Contact URI of a REGISTER/INVITE. Such a URI host must be a valid IP address or a resolvable hostname (via DNS A/AAAA) for Asterisk to accept the request. This is not a real requirement in RFC 3261.

      This validation makes sense for the case in which such a URI will be used for routing requests to the peer, but it makes no sense at all (it's useless) when the peer is configured with nat=yes (so the Contact URI is ignored and instead the real source IP:port used for sending outgoing requests to the peer).

      The problem is that it avoids some cases in which the SIP client sets a non resolvable domain in its Contact URI (for example "sip:alice@idsukjdsf.invalid;transport=ws"), which is expected to occur in SIP over WebSocket access due to the fact that JavaScript running in web browsers doesn't know the source IP:port from which the WebSocket connection has been made. In these cases, using a .invalid domain (RFC 2606) seems much more ellegant than inventing a random IP or using a resolvable domain (

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