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app_confbridge: 3D-Conferencing via Binaural Synthesis


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      3D-Audio is an interesting for telephone conferencing.
      In a development and research project at TU Berlin, we enhanced Asterisk's
      conferencing bridge with binaural synthesis.

      Technical Details:

      • Modified internal signal processing to be capable handling interleaved audio (channel, translate)
      • Extended confbridge (precisely bridge_softmix) by binaural synthesis (basically added a convolution engine using libfftw3)

      Note: confbridge remains capable to mix for mono channels (default mixing) and binaural synthesis in parallel

      Practical details (can be changed):

      • Required HRTFs are at the moment included as header file
      • Confbridge is at the moment only running with binaural synthesis at 48kHz
      • Only one 3D-Layout per confbridge is rendered (all participants receive the same spatial representation; one's own signal removed)

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