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      Current dahdi master handling work in the following way:
      The first SPAN become a master
      If a new registered !!! SPAN is preferred , it is the new master
      If a span is unregistered - the new master is the first available span
      If master SPAN is in alarm state - the new master is the first non in alarm state SPAN

      1. dahdi-dummy once loaded will be the master forever.
      2. even not-running SPAN can be a master
      3. master implementation is ugly...

                • ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ******

      Implemented: correct(symmetric) master arbitrage

      1. trying preffered master SPAN
      2. trying non-zero channel SPANS
      3. trying zero-channel SPANS (ztdummy,...)

      1. dahdi-dynamic CAN be (and it works perfect) a master
      2. at any time, we can tell/expect - who is the master
      3. If (and only if) we have no master - dahdi-dummy will be our master

      1. 0001-dahdi-wip-Fix-dynamic_loc-span-operation-with-DAHDI-.patch
        3 kB
        Shaun Ruffell
      2. 2013.01.17-dahdi-base.c.patch
        3 kB
        Pavel Selivanov
      3. dahdi_dummy.c_syncprio.patch
        0.5 kB
        Michael Haigh
      4. dahdi_dummy.c.patch
        0.5 kB
        Pavel Selivanov
      5. dahdi_dynamic.c_syncprio.patch
        1 kB
        Michael Haigh
      6. dahdi-base.c_syncprio.patch
        4 kB
        Michael Haigh
      7. dahdi-base.c.patch
        3 kB
        Pavel Selivanov
      8. dahdi-base.c.patch
        3 kB
        Pavel Selivanov
      9. zaptel-base.c.patch
        4 kB
        Pavel Selivanov
      10. ztdummy.c.patch
        0.4 kB
        Pavel Selivanov
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